We Are White Sulphur Springs

We have hosted distinguished guests from all over the world, yet we are humble in our ways.

We revel in our 200 year history, yet we look to the future with hope.

The Wilds of West Virginia are our playground, from the mountain streams that run through our town, to the lakes, the trails, and the woods.

We celebrate the dandelion, because it is determined like our people and it brings out the child in us.

We are White Sulphur Springs, home to America’s Resort, home to the outdoors, and our hometown.

2 thoughts on “We Are White Sulphur Springs

  1. We are White Sulphur Springs, full of hidden treasure: The Coal House, a business building built of Greenbrier County coal and the adjoining private residence, the only inhabited house built of coal in the world; Oakhurst Links, the oldest organized golf club in the US and the adjoining museum of golf; the home of the Information Center for the Monongahela National Forest; southern entrance to the Monongahela National Forest and its Blue Bend Recreation Area and the Lake Sherwood Recreation Area; home of Lake Tuckahoe, fishing and boating lake; home of the local interest room in the White Sulphur Springs Public Library with displays honoring Gen. John L. Hines (see monument in Old Mill Park), Author: Margaret Prescott Montague (winner of the O’Henry Award for the best short story 1919), Author: Percival Reneirs;
    Author/Historian: Dr. Richard Curry; Author/Historian: Dr. John A. Williams; New York Opera soprano Diane Curry; Olympic Gold Medalist (400 m Freestyle, 1924, 1928; 4×100 Relay, 1928) Martha Norelius; Battle of Dry Creek Memorial near Battleground Shopping Center; and everything connected to The Greenbrier.

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