argumentative essay social media

argumentative essay social media

Argumentative essay social media
What are the most obvious dangers for youth today? Well, cyberbullying is the most obvious one. Aggressive young people use social media to improve their status in school and other institutions. Other kids are challenging to earn more likes and positive feedbacks to look cool and improve their reputation.

At the same time, it can harm your relationships with your close friends. While you are seeking for other people you just forget about those you already know and love. The other thing that may happen is when a person is not encouraged to meet with friends and relatives as they can easily check the latest news online.

Social media has become a major role in the average American’s life. Everywhere you go you can find a person tweeting, messaging through Facebook, or snapping a picture of their every move. The media platform has become more and more negative throughout the years. Regardless of the positive perception people display on the web, an individual ‘s level of happiness is decreased due to the false apprehension of contentment flaunted across the internet. Social media has become a competition for teens
Social media is the means of connecting people together via the access to the wide web. It includes sharing, communicating and a large variety of other things. However, social media is ironically making us less social in real life situations. For example, nowadays at any café it is guaranteed to find at least a small group of friends/family sitting down and are not interacting with each other as they are using social media through their smartphones or tablets. Social media gives us a virtual world

As you can see, social media is a double-edged sword. It can be used to spread positivity. There is also no denying that it has improved communication and allows people from around the world to get in touch easier. On the flip side, social media can also become hugely addictive. Students can waste hours mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and Twitter feeds. Furthermore, there are those who use these platforms to spread their own negative agendas.

Technology seems to be making it easier to stay connected, but it is restricting our interactions with others and leading to isolation. Human beings need to feel connected with family and friends to provide us with the needed emotional support (Harris). Social media offers an easy way to stay in connected with many different types of people. We can stay connected with others regardless of where they live. It is being used in many different ways, such as socializing, exchanging ideas, sharing creativity, and
Argumentative Research Essay Social media has been dominating people’s lives for years now. It is a way for people to stay connected with their family, friends, and even see what their favorite celebrities are doing. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are just a few of the social media sites that people love to use. These sites are used mostly by young adults. I believe social media can be a positive thing, but it can also have some negative effects. Young adults have become dependent on

Argumentative essay social media
There are quite a lot of reasons why people think that social media is affecting real-life communication negatively, yet it has not destroyed it. As it is, for now, people use social media as one of the tools to communicate, and the time when social media will entirely replace face-to-face interaction has not come yet, and it probably will never come, if people try hard enough.
With growing popularity of platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other messaging apps, some started to argue that real-life communication is on the edge of extinction. It is especially dangerous for those who are already growing up using social media. On the other hand, people also suggest that online communication is only improving the state in which people live in, and it is just a matter of time when there will be achieved a great balance between real-life and online communication. What is sure to say is that social media has definitely affected face-to-face interaction in a lot of cases, yet it is up for anyone to make their own decision if this influence is negative or positive.


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