classification essay about movies

classification essay about movies

Can you write the best essays, when they are of the classification variety? Of all man’s inventions, television is the most widely used. No one can envisage not being able to watch films and other programs of an evening. But, still, amongst the modern-day youth, there are quite a few who prefer visiting the cinema to watch newly-released movies than watching television. As a result, many find talking about movie classification essays quite interesting and enthralling.
Some techniques of writing, like comparing two categories, bringing forward their commonalities or dissimilarities can also be used. Transition sentences, sentences that facilitate shifting from one thought or category to another may also be used to maintain the flow of the text. The essay has to end with the conclusion which is summarisation of the stated points. All the categories, along with their important points must be restated but using different words. It should be summed up in few powerful sentences providing a final word and viewpoint to the essay and briefing your idea or take on that topic. Revising or proofreading is very essential to write good essay. It might be possible that we’ve skipped some important point or few other errors are contained in it. Revision gives us a good opportunity to check and correct the possible punctuation or spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes and make the essay one that deserves good grades. Proofreading is an important element that polishes the text and makes it excellent.

Classification of Movie Goers Numerous individuals go to cinemas. The motion pictures are a getaway into a dreamland. Everybody has an alternate inclination on what sort of motion picture is the best. Romance, horror, action, and comedy are diverse sorts of motion pictures. They say that a person can be studied by knowing what type of movie he likes to what, maybe that’s true but I don’t think so. Theoretically, you can take in additional around a man from what they do amid their relaxation. Identity
rating classification system in our country. Is the movie rating system, originally designed to assist parents in guiding the movie-going habits of their children, actually preempting parental choice? To at least some people, however, Jack Valenti, the man responsible for devising the Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners, is leading the effort, as editorialist James Wall put it, “to protect children” (1227). Valenti wrote, “The voluntary Movie Rating

When it comes to movies, People have many different types of genres they prefer to watch. It is easy to assume almost everyone has a preference when it comes to movies, because there have been so many different types made to appeal to all viewers. There are three major categories that have wide appeal Romance, Comedy, and Horror. The romance, comedy and horror genres are the most popular in the movie industry. Wall Street Journal Doris Walsh says: “Romance, Comedy and Horror movies are the most popular to rent in every age group they have the most factors that intrigue and entice the viewer into the fantasy or documentary aspect of the movie”.
The goals of this genre are to appeal to the viewer’s humorous side. “Comedies use humor to draw the audience attention through its characters and storylines.” Says D.Jackson. The most popular comedy genres are Anarchic comedy, Romantic comedy and slap stick comedy. Anarchic comedy refers to a sub-genre comedy that uses stream of consciousness humor. An anarchic film uses slapstick tendencies that tell a story, considered less physically violent. Romantic comedy great for new couples is a genre that catches the viewer’s heart with love and humor. Slapstick genre incorporates physical comedy into the story. Using visual action, harmless violence, horseplay and depict humor. Comedies give the opportunity to look at scenarios from a humorous perspective. Comedies although really entertaining use scenes that are unrealistic still are fun and enjoyable to watch play out. The third genre is Horror. Horror movies bring the same thrill seeking, danger and suspense to the viewer.

Classification essay about movies
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Horror movies, on the one hand, scare you, but, on the other hand, give you the strength to overcome your fears. Nevertheless, horror movies scare you and give you nightmares. It’s important to be brave enough to watch horror movies, it is witnessed that some of the weak-hearted viewers engage themselves in some critical situation during watching horror movies. However, each type of movie is enjoyable, but, it depends on the audience. Some people like to watch horror movies at the same time some totally dislike the horror ones. Therefore, there is a divided audience that has its own selected preferences and taste for watching the movies.


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