essay on filmmaking

essay on filmmaking

chose this class due to scheduling, rather than a pre-existing interest in and passion for this field. From the first film assignment to the last, I constantly learned new skills pertaining to filmmaking and storytelling. Before this class I did not know what being a filmmaker truly meant, and what all skills they must obtain and utilize to create a visually appealing and captivating film. My initial goal for the class was to make a B or higher, so my HUM 101 class did not pull down my GPA. My expectations
Paper Final Draft Film Making (The Evolution of Film Industry) The Film making is a word that has been living more than hundred years. Film making is carried by many topics that give us the overall meaning of film making. From the importance of film making many societies are influenced and built based on the film making. Many households are financially built and based on the film making work. One of the most important topics that carry the meaning of film making is the Evolution of Film Industry. The

it to air. Still, he secured his film with a company overseas just to insure that regardless if the United States film companies decided to not show the film, that it would still be executed in a different country for all to see. Through his filmmaking, Michael Moore has not only been a success but an inspiration. He is known for having the guts to give his own opinion in public, which many people are not courageous enough to do, and for that many respect him. Michael Moore proves that one man
match allows the ability to transition smoothly between cuts. The rule of thirds creates visually pleasing shots that appeal to viewers. These are the three tools I use the most and follow strictly. Match cut is easily the most useful and basic filmmaking technique. Match cut was first introduced in our class in DW Griffith’s An Unseen Enemy. As one of the older sister led her younger sister from one room to another, the camera cut while they were still in the same position. Match cut creates

Essay on filmmaking
As we hear of Shōnagon’s “list of elegant things, distressing things, even of things not worth doing”, we watch images of a missile being launched and a hovering bomber. What’s the connection? There is none. Nothing here fixes word and image in illustrative lockstep; it’s in the space between them that Sans soleil makes room for the spectator to drift, dream and think – to inimitable effect.
Las Hurdes (1933)

every year where whether you are a seasoned professional or just getting into the industry, there’s something for everybody at NAB. It’s known as the event where large companies talk about their latest cameras and products dedicated to the future of filmmaking and more. “As a cinematographer, this would be an important event for to attend because the NABShow is probably the best place to go to keep up with all things pre production and equipment”(Northrup). An important part of the industry is being able
Film is such a competitive business that education is crucial if one wants to land a decent job in the work force. Although it is possible to do it all without the education, it is highly unlikely. The knowledge one learns from just basic filmmaking techniques will prove extremely valuable in the future on the set. Another important skill that needs to be at least looked at is screenwriting. Screenwriting refers to the art and craft of writing screenplays or scripts. Even if one plans on becoming

Essay on filmmaking
In the end, I learned a lot from the filmmaking process, and now that I have a short under my belt, I realize that I would have done a lot of things differently. First, I would have made sure that the equipment was functional at the equipment rental office. I found out that equipment is everything; not only the technology, but knowing how to use it. Some of my shots were out of focus and could have been crisper with a different lens. Some of them had a couple of lighting issues, which I now know can be fixed through messing with the camera settings. Sometimes I watch movies and think, “How did he/she do that?” Most of it has to do with the extremely expensive technology at their fingertips, but the production crew still has to have a basic understanding of what they want and how to attain it. Without the knowledge and the experience through the application of that knowledge, production crews cannot achieve what they want. This shooting process not only gave me the knowledge, but it gave me the experience. Next time I shoot, I will spend more time with the equipment to get the most out of my shots using different settings.
The next scenes were the ones where Mitch nearly collides with Dean in the street. At this point, Alexandra took on the personality of a Hollywood actress off-camera. Although she agreed to set this night aside for me weeks in advance, she complained about the time of night, among other things. The shots involving Sean went smoothly. We did a quick run-through without rolling, made some minor adjustments, and then shot. It was easy, and it brought me back to the week before where I was legitimately enjoying myself as a director. The shots involving Mitch and Alexandra were agonizing. Although Alexandra was complaining about the time, it was her doing that we were still shooting. She had no idea what her lines were, and Mitch’s word-fumbling did not help her remember. Mitch could not get the idea of naturalness down, and I repeatedly told him to watch a Woody Allen film with him as the main actor and pay attention to the conversations to give him a good idea. He still has not seen a Woody Allen film with him as the main actor. I was getting angry, so I decided that the first take in which they say their lines through completely was the take I was going to keep and use. My standards had obviously lowered. Additionally, my SIM card was full so I had to conserve shots. We ended at about 12:00 a.m.


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