essay topics about social media

essay topics about social media

Writing an essay about social media has become one of the mainstays in communication and technology courses because the topics discussed are constantly evolving. Every day there is something new to learn and debate, so there is always something fresh to write about. But sometimes it can be hard for a student to narrow down his or her focus when choosing a topic idea. This is why we’ve come up with this list of social media essay topics for your consideration:

  1. Should social media sites collect your personal contact information or allow other applications on their platforms do so before you are allowed to access their programs? Is this invasive?
  2. Do you think social media platforms should conduct stronger background checks to ensure people are opening legitimate accounts and not stealing identities or cat phishing others?
  3. How many hours are lost in the course of a regular day because of social media? Consider work productivity, education, physical time, leisure time? Are there are other things we lose?
  4. Should the government be allowed to monitor people’s behavior on social media? Is this a violation of privacy or a question of national security that we must define and make into law?
  5. Do you think it is right for human resource managers and hiring managers to be allowed to look up one’s private social media activity when reviewing a candidate’s application to work?
  6. There are a few major social media companies that have dominated the landscape for more than a decade and have made it difficult for other companies to grow. Is this ethical?
  7. Should social media companies be responsible for illicit behavior and content over their platforms or should the end-users be more proactive about hiding certain unwanted content?
  8. Do you think the internet should remain free of government regulation to ensure information is not censored or kept from the public? Use specific examples to show effects from both sides.
  9. Are people appropriately warned about the dangers of posting private pictures on the web? Do you think the risk lies on their behavior or should social media companies apply more safety?
  10. Are people becoming shallower because of social media? Advertising agencies are targeting certain ideal images to sell their products and more people are buying into them as a reality.

Essay topics about social media
When choosing a topic, you shall also pay attention to some crucial issues:
Are you ready for new discoveries or prefer to rely on the experience of others?

As a global phenomenon, social networks are present in our daily life for a relatively short time, just over a decade. About the same time, they are in the sphere of interests of scientists — psychologists and sociologists. But there is no definitive answer to the question “Are social networks harmful to the psyche?”

  • Find some kinds of dangers you consider the most crucial and reflect on them.
  • Are social media really dangerous or is this just a fantasy?
  • What do you consider their greatest danger?
  • Have you ever encountered real examples of this issue?
  • How do you use SM to avoid dangerous situations?
  • What can you recommend to kids who are only beginning to use them?

Essay topics about social media
This is only up to you what to decide and what features of social networks are more important for you…

Just pay attention to your beloved ones and real friends in real life. There are more than meets the eye and you are constantly missing it while checking your line and refreshing the page.

Essay topics about social media
When writing an essay on social media, you need to have a proper structure in place just as with any other type of essay. With the correct structure in place, you are just a step away from writing a successful social media essay. Irrespective of the type of social media essay you want to work on, you can follow the outline highlighted below and you would be just fine.

  • Social media and its impact on society
  • Impact of social media on our youths
  • Impact of social media in education
  • Impact of social media on social interactions
  • Why is twitter popular among celebrities
  • Why do professionals use LinkedIn?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook
  • Social media; a social problem or a social solution?
  • Is social media strengthening relationship bonds or breaking relationship bonds?
  • How to overcome social media addiction
  • The world before and after social media
  • How social media has transformed education
  • Regulation of social media to produce a balanced society
  • Is social media aiding cyberbullying?
  • Impact of social media on businesses
  • How social media has transformed the world of business
  • Social media has opened a new way of doing business
  • How social media made digital marketing possible
  • The importance of social media online presence for individuals and businesses
  • Is social media doing more harm than good?
  • How a typical day without social media would be like; is it even possible?
  • What if all social media platforms disappear, can the world survive without them?


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