essay topics for social media

essay topics for social media

You can develop an argument, take any of the positions and prove if there are more positive features then negative ones or vice versa.

  • How to determine the character of a person by his Instagram?
  • Life on Facebook: how the truth differs from the reality.
  • When did the girls turn into the same type of ducks?
  • What those who do not know how to do selfies should do in our world?
  • How to determine how much we are stupefied/wiser after having spent the last decade on the network?
  1. Should social media sites collect your personal contact information or allow other applications on their platforms do so before you are allowed to access their programs? Is this invasive?
  2. Do you think social media platforms should conduct stronger background checks to ensure people are opening legitimate accounts and not stealing identities or cat phishing others?
  3. How many hours are lost in the course of a regular day because of social media? Consider work productivity, education, physical time, leisure time? Are there are other things we lose?
  4. Should the government be allowed to monitor people’s behavior on social media? Is this a violation of privacy or a question of national security that we must define and make into law?
  5. Do you think it is right for human resource managers and hiring managers to be allowed to look up one’s private social media activity when reviewing a candidate’s application to work?
  6. There are a few major social media companies that have dominated the landscape for more than a decade and have made it difficult for other companies to grow. Is this ethical?
  7. Should social media companies be responsible for illicit behavior and content over their platforms or should the end-users be more proactive about hiding certain unwanted content?
  8. Do you think the internet should remain free of government regulation to ensure information is not censored or kept from the public? Use specific examples to show effects from both sides.
  9. Are people appropriately warned about the dangers of posting private pictures on the web? Do you think the risk lies on their behavior or should social media companies apply more safety?
  10. Are people becoming shallower because of social media? Advertising agencies are targeting certain ideal images to sell their products and more people are buying into them as a reality.

Writing an essay about social media has become one of the mainstays in communication and technology courses because the topics discussed are constantly evolving. Every day there is something new to learn and debate, so there is always something fresh to write about. But sometimes it can be hard for a student to narrow down his or her focus when choosing a topic idea. This is why we’ve come up with this list of social media essay topics for your consideration:

Essay topics for social media
The main point of a persuasive essay is to persuade the reader that your idea or belief is logical and worthy. Some samples of writing a persuasive essay about social media can help to succeed.
The most popular services are:

Essay topics for social media
This is the time when almost everyone on our planet has an account on various social media platforms. So, it is a perfect time to write your social media essay. The Internet has lots of interesting stuff to offer its users. Social networking has become the most popular pastime among individuals of different ages. Regular media has social networks accounts and future definitely follows this direction. Modern people can hardly imagine their lives without social networking. Today, there are a lot of social media programmes, which can be used for different purposes.
Here you have the most interesting social media essay titles according to our experts. There is always a question of ethics in this type of topics. Please check the list of essay topic ideas below and imagine you are working on one of those:

Essay topics for social media
When writing an essay on social media, you need to have a proper structure in place just as with any other type of essay. With the correct structure in place, you are just a step away from writing a successful social media essay. Irrespective of the type of social media essay you want to work on, you can follow the outline highlighted below and you would be just fine.

  • Conclusion. This is very important and you have to be very creative here. Your conclusion also depends greatly on the type of essay you are writing. You want to have a conclusion that reiterates your points. For example, consider an argumentative essay with the topic “Is social media doing more harm than good?”. The conclusion will sound like: “…..after all I have discussed, we can all see that social media is doing more good than harm” or “Though the negative impacts of social media cannot be ignored, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages”. The conclusion paragraph is also the paragraph to include any relevant call to action.
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