essays on how social media can help or hurt your job search

essays on how social media can help or hurt your job search

In some cases it was that the employer got a good feel for the candidate’s personality. Others chose to hire because the profile conveyed a professional image. In some instances it was because background information supported professional qualifications, other people posted great references about the candidate, or because the profile showed that the job seeker is creative, well-rounded, or has great communication skills.
“I was really excited to see how many job seekers are active on social media,” says Helene Cavalli, vice president of marketing at Lee Hecht Harrison. “As strong advocates, we spend a lot of time coaching job seekers on how to develop a solid social media strategy. While it isn’t the only strategy for finding a job, it’s becoming increasingly important.”

Social is the new way in the field of job search and recruitment. It provides a great way for people to connect and network easily. A successful job search is also based on the same principle- meeting of candidates and companies who match each other in what they have to offer each other. With the pervasiveness of social media, and most people, organizations having social media profiles, it is important for potential candidates such as yourselves to utilize the power of social networking to the fullest.
Social networking provides numerous opportunities as compared to traditional employment methods. Your social networking profile links you up to hundreds of people (through your friends and beyond). Depending on the scale of your social networking, you can build a great contact list, through which you can keep yourself informed of new opportunities on the horizon. Your friends would post or share opportunities through their friends, and thus you can really get a lot of happening information at your fingertips. Social networking helps students and future job-seekers at all levels.

You shouldn’t just focus on hiding things, but rather on building a great social media presence and strong social networks. Let these represent your skill sets and work experience. By participating, professionally, in group discussions and adding relevant information to these discussions you are creating an idea of how you would engage with future colleges. You never know who will see something you have posted, follow the discussion, and think “Maybe this person would be a good fit” for a role they are hiring for.
It’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to posting content on social media content. Your profile isn’t just being screened for the bad; people are also looking for the good.

Essays on how social media can help or hurt your job search
Another example of an online community, though not a social media site in its strict definition, is posts live meetings around specific topics. You can set up an account so you can search for events and groups near you. The networking happens live, so it is not social media per se, but clearly the online component is greatly facilitating the targeted networking.
This chapter goes in depth on how social media touches all six steps of the job search. Interactions are both personal and professional, and social media is quite public, so using social media for your job search can be tricky. You have personal and professional information and personal and professional relationships, and both sides are present on social media. Understanding how to best manage social media and make it work for you professionally and personally requires conscious planning and discipline.

Essays on how social media can help or hurt your job search
It’s not uncommon to see stories in the news about employees who were fired because of their online posts. While social media can help you boost your career, connect with recruiters, and power a job search, it can also cause harm to your reputation.
Rather than setting yourself up for possibly losing your job, be careful about what and how you post information online. Here’s what to think about before you click to post.


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