exemplification graphic organizer example

exemplification graphic organizer example

Exemplification graphic organizer example

  1. Fill in a graphic organizer for a short paper for each topic, below.
  2. You do NOT need to write the papers.
  3. The topics and thesis statements are given for you.
  4. Download the matching graphic organizer, linked above, or create one like it, to go with each topic. Note: each topic goes with a different style of organizer. The first one is done as an example.

The next tools management topic concerns graphic organizers for papers. Every class, not just writing classes, sooner or later includes some kind of essay, whether expository essays such as exemplification, cause and effect, process, comparison/contrast, or definition papers or other genres such as narrative, descriptive or argument. Most writing instructors will require that students to complete outlines or fill out graphic organizers to help organize their writing prior to actually writing the essay. The kind of outline that may be required will depend upon the style manual used in the class. Here, however, are several common types of organizers:

Exemplification graphic organizer example
Individual Political Participation Disscussion.rtf
Dana University of Pennsylvania ‘17, Course Hero Intern

A first date can end up being categorized as successful, a clingy, a boastful or awkward. Successful first dates include both parties expressing information about what they like, who they are, and so forth. Usually, these dates will end in tentative plans for a second one. Clingy dates end up with one of the parties practically begging for information about the other. However, the non-clinger is not interested. On boastful dates, one member of the duo talks about all of his or her skills, talents, and abilities. The listening end of the pair is never asked about his or her life. Awkward first dates generally involve lots of silence or one or both of the partners not knowing how to act appropriately. While many dates occur every day, they can generally fall into one of these categories.
The beliefs and practices known as religion can cause unity or contention, can hold many things in common while promoting very different values, can be as simple as the Golden Rule or complex as tradition allows. The Abrahamic religions- Islam, Christianity, and Judaism- all share a common father, Abraham. Nevertheless, the teachings of each religion vary to such a degree that many wars and conflicts have been fought between them. Nevertheless, most religions, from the Abrahamic beliefs to eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, promote loving others, living moral lives, and working toward the benefit of humanity.

Exemplification graphic organizer example
A useful brainstorming and critical thinking exercise for any kind of
lesson about friendship or relationships. Students use the pictures to divide friends into 3 categories. For example, you might classify your friends into the categories of funny, generous and weird or outgoing, fashionable and introverted. Then, under each category title they give examples of the behavior of each category.
This is another pre-writing or introductory exercise for a classification paragraph or essay. Students try to divide each of the topics on the worksheet into 3 categories. Then write topic sentences for 4 of the topics.



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