explain how we evaluate the theme in film

explain how we evaluate the theme in film

The narrator is the person telling the story.

  • How would you describe the main conflict?
    • Is it internal where the character suffers inwardly?
    • is it external caused by the surroundings or environment the main character finds himself/herself in?

Ethnic Notions, the highly-praised documentary produced in 1986 by the late African American filmmaker Marlon Riggs, provides viewers with an in-depth look at the origins and effects of racial stereotypes in the United States by drawing upon historical records, animation, interviews with leading scholars, artists and academicians from across the nation, and clips from such controversial films as D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation with the respected, award-winning actress Esther Rolle serving as the narrator for this 58-minute film.
One of the best methods to use in the opening paragraph of the evaluation is the Reporter’s Formula: Who, what, when, where, why and how. At the same time, the writing is always to be done using the present tense with the active voice. Imagine that the review is of the film Ethnic Notions:

In submitting the film evaluations to me via email, students are to follow these guidelines:
ь Lastly, take pride in your work! When using a program such as MICROSOFT WORD, always run spellcheck to pickup those misspelled words. Run grammar check for awkward phrasing and problems with grammar and mechanics including sentence fragments, run-on sentences and the like. Never use abbreviations. Never assume – it is your responsibility to write as though your reader is not familiar with the film. This doesn’t mean you repeat scene by scene, word for word everything that happened in the film (just think of those times you tried to watch a film with someone, then had to tell that person to be quiet and let you see the film rather than listen to tell you everything that was taking place! They are insulting your intelligence when doing so.) And definitely, make certain that you use fully-developed, 5-sentence paragraphs when writing!

Explain how we evaluate the theme in film
That’s a really interesting video essay deconstructing style of video essays and what makes them appealing. It’s point 2. that Kevin B Lee makes about Tony Zhou’s hyper narration that made me feel it was relevant
If you were like, “That is 100% me,” you’re not alone — you, me, as well as countless other screenwriters get confused trying to define, find, and come up with these strange little abstract concepts called “themes”. But never fear, because Darious Britt is here to break down 1.) what a theme is, 2.) how to recognize them in films, and 3.) how to use them and work with them in your own writing.

The 1980s and the 1990s have blossomed to a crescendo of computer advances, hatred, and violence. The ultimate culmination of the hatred and violence occurred on September 11, 2001 with terrorists attacking the Pentagon in Washington, DC and destroying the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City.
Suzie likes Jack and looks up to him. She even wants to mirror his desire for success. However, Suzie runs into a prejudicial roadblock at college. She fights to succeed and Jack assists her in her quest.



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