facebook vs twitter essay

facebook vs twitter essay

Facebook main use is to keep track of friends and keep sharing, and this is in line with the fact that it when it was started it was meant for Harvard students only but it extended to other users. On the other hand Twitter is a platform for people with similar interests. It is not necessary that people communicating in Twitter know each other. One privacy measure that is there in Facebook is that you know the person you add as your friend. Facebook has a variety of privacy settings and you can choose who sees what in your account. Twitter has got only two options of privacy settings. You can only set as private or public. Social sites and platforms make money through advertisement add. Both Facebook and Twitter therefore have advertisements.
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Facebook vs twitter essay
First let’s start with Twitter. Twitter is known for their 140 character limit. This may seem appealing to some, but not to others. With a limit, it is more difficult to fully express your idea. However, it does improve creativity and people who like challenges would enjoy this feature. This leads into the overall simplicity of the website. Twitter has a lot of terms and features that the avid Facebook user will not be familiar with. Next is privacy settings. To sum it up, Twitter is a way to talk to strangers about similar interests. It is not necessary that people communicating on Twitter know each other. One thing that upsets users is that Twitter has only two options of privacy settings. You can only set as private (where no one sees your posts besides you), or public (where everyone on the internet sees your posts). As for credibility, Twitter has been open to the public since 2006, which is quite a long time. Twitter also owns the social network Vine. This shows that not only can the creators make one successful social media, but two. Also, Twitter has gained a lot of popularity in the media. T.V. shows would use twitter to connect with the viewers, and celebrities use it to talk to fans. Since big corporations and big names in Hollywood use Twitter, the general public feels comfortable using it as well. Next is all of the great features. Some will say that twitter is growing to be the biggest online news source. That is because of Twitter’s realtime posting. People post about things the moment it happens. Rather than watching the news, teens and young adults often go to Twitter for their news. Also, Twitter is famous for its following feature. Followers are people who subscribe to your posts in a way. However, a user may become obsessed with their follower count and completely forget the real use of the website.
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Facebook vs Twitter Compare and contrast Ganga Dahal Eng. 1010, Fall 2015 Facebook and twitter are the two different biggest social networking site. Millions of people from all over the world use this both site daily. This both networking site are used to get connected with friends, family and to track their celebrities. People also used this both networking sites to get updated about what’s going on over the world. To open Facebook and Twitter, peoples have to get sign up with their
become a debated issue in the last few months: and with good reason. There are genuine contrasts between the way men and women communicate, network, and engage online. On that point, there are likewise contrasts in what and whom they engage with. It would be quite difficult to think of any type of social interaction online, where women do not make a difference with enormous impression. In prior days, Facebook and Twitter, even before Myspace and Hi5 came about, women were often found often participating

Contrast between Facebook and Twitter

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Facebook vs twitter essay
Facebook has been involved in several controversies, particularly involving privacy concerns. Facebook prevented users from permanently deleting their accounts until 2010 and has been criticized for changing user’s privacy settings, making more information publically visible or available to data mining, without their explicit consent. The site has been repeatedly criticized for removing photos uploaded by breastfeeding mothers and deleting their accounts.
Twitter and Facebook can be integrated. Tweets can be posted to Facebook automatically using the Twitter app.



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