film music analysis essay

film music analysis essay

Midsummer Night’s Dream” is an interesting and somewhat complicated story to keep up with and understand. It takes full attention to know what is happening and why it is happening throughout the entire movie. This movie is a romantic comedy fantasy film based on the play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare, and directed by Michael Hoffman. It was filmed on location in Lazio and Tuscany, and at Cinecitta Studios, Rome, Italy. The action of this play was transported from Athens, Greece
used when Maleficent is using magic or flying, and it is also used when the other magical creatures are in any scene. The music used throughout the movie sets the tone of what is happening and shows emotion. Many of the costumes used are similar to Disney’s movie of Sleeping Beauty like Maleficent’s all black outfit and horns. The movie Maleficent is a good retelling of the story Sleeping Beauty because of the special effects, music, and costumes used within the film. Special effects play a large

Hornet’s masterpiece Music Analysis By Marco’s_Gonzales era of the early sass’s. The track “Rose,” is played in the background in the regulative most popular scene in the movie Titanic. The scene is a very romantic scene where the main characters, Jack and Rose pretend they are flying as they hold each other’s hands on the ledge of the front part of the ship. The sounds of the piano and flute that are played in the song help the audience see that the two main characters are falling in love.
Music enhances movies’ content and although it was somewhat difficult to focus on the music in the background of these movies due to the highly entertaining content in the movies, the music also kept me interested. I found this experience of watching a movie and listening to background music very enjoyable to do due to the fact that most topics that I write essays on, do not involve me actually doing something enjoyable. The experience was greatly enjoyable and so was writing this paper on two topics that I love, movies and music.

significance and prominence when identifying film industry music and classical music of previous times in the past. Music of any kind can be regarded by its listener as either virtuous and worthy or corrupt and immoral or just plain old terrible. So, film music is certainly as important as classical music. Also, many famous movies in the past and present have used different styles of music to strengthen their story and characters, just as classical music has done on a regular basis. There should
Terrance Mesadieu Music Analysis King Kong 1933 King Kong is the perfect example of the early development of motion picture music in the twentieth century. The music was not only essential to the film, but musical scores also made the film better for the audience. Clever composers created a true musical drama; Max Steiner was known for his musical ability including films like Gone with the Wind. Steiner spent a lot of amount on the music of film King Kong 1933. The music meant everything to

Film music analysis essay
Every analysis needs to start with the essential technical details.
Now, it’s time for you to do some more serious research.

The musical style In “Hymn to the Fallen” Is specified to the particular time of the WI era which essentially puts an emphasis on the sad emotions caused by the tragic number of fallen soldiers of that era. In 1997, James Hornier also constructed the masterpiece, “Rose” showcased in the great love film, “Titanic. ” This specific track also functions in the background and carries a musical style set to a historical era within the early sass’s, but as opposed to “Hymn to the Fallen” that relates to war, “Rose” is showcased within a romantic scene that helps he audience feel the emotion of love.
A motion picture would not appeal to its viewers without the orchestrated sounds within the background that Intently helps draw out the emotions from the audience from watching the movie.Many great movie soundtracks can be overshadowed by the performance of a great actor or even just the motion picture itself.Hardly anyone misses out on giving credit to a great movie or performer but many people do not realize that a great movie and performer is nothing without the soundtracks behind their performances.


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