film topics to write about

film topics to write about

  1. The art of suspense.
  2. History of the horror movie genre.
  3. Feel the fear.
  4. Alfred Hitchcock and his impact on the film industry.
  5. Folklore elements in the screenplay.
  6. Comedy in horror movies.
  7. Religion in horror films.
  8. Racism in horror films.
  9. Politics in horror films.
  10. Evolution of special effects in horror movies.
  1. Movies about the history of religions.
  2. African-Americans in cinematography.
  3. Evolution of animation in movie production.
  4. Silent movies.
  5. Special effects before computer-generated graphics.
  6. Hitchcock’s scare power.
  7. The impact of the film industry on different generations.
  8. Fellini’s contribution to cinematography.
  9. History of sci-fi.
  10. Bollywood vs. Hollywood.

Use these film essay topics as a jumping off point for choosing your own:
Even if your film teacher provides some guidance for you on the assignment topic, you’ll likely end up having to refine the topic in order to make it specific enough. Most film essay topics fall into the categories of ‘why’ and ‘how’ essays, or analytical essays, in which you’ll need to refer to evidence from the film or the historical or social context in which the film was made in order to support your argument.

The 1920s movie makers hardly even thought that the future movies will be edited through software and everything will turn digital. They just worked on a raw effective idea of the time and tried to mirror the relevant society. There were quite a few movies on propaganda and agrarianism. The period offers a great avenue for film dissertation.
It was only from the 50s onwards that movie makers actually started thinking in commercial terms. The introduction of singers, music and scenery was to enchant and inveigle the see the movies again and again. The trend has continued; only the instruments have changed.

Diversity in films is important because representation matters. Viewers are drawn to shows with ethnically diverse lead cast members. Mostly all viewers love to watch shows that reflect and relate to their own experiences. Reddigari, a freelance writer, also expresses the question of why we lack diversity in films. “Hollywood has been producing inspiring films intended to capture the beauty, joy and sorrow in everyday life. As much as we love our favorite movies, we can’t help but notice that many
none too familiar with film festivals myself, I began this project first by finding a way to describe what a film festival actually is. A film festival is an organized, extended presentation of films in one or more cinemas or screening places, usually in a single city or region. Though more often now films are shown outside. Films (movies), may be of more recent dates and, depending upon the festivals focus, can include international and domestic releases. My chosen film festival would be of a

Film topics to write about
Star%20Wars Trilogy Episodes IV-VI (Blu-ray + DVD) Luke Skywalker wields a lightsaber, and The%20Hunger Games (2-Disc DVD + Digital Copy) Katniss Everdeen is a whiz with a bow and arrow. Toy%20Story 1-3 Box Set [Blu-ray] Buzz Lightyear has a Space Ranger Blaster, while Iron%20Man (Single-Disc Edition) Ironman uses a wrist laser.

  • What is the film’s genre? Action? Science Fiction? Fantasy? Other?
  • Include a brief summary of the film and an explanation of why you liked (or hated) it. What was your favorite scene? Did you find any part of the movie disappointing? (Make sure to avoid spoilers, since others may not have seen the film yet.)
  • Give the movie a rating from one to five stars (one star meaning terrible and five stars meaning exceptional).


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