five paragraph essays samples

five paragraph essays samples

Another problem likely to be faced during a camping trip is run-ins with wildlife, which can range from mildly annoying to dangerous. Minor inconveniences include mosquitos and ants. The swarming of mosquitos can literally drive annoyed campers indoors. If an effective repellant is not used, the camper can spend an interminable night scratching, which will only worsen the itch. Ants do not usually attack campers, but keeping them out of the food can be quite an inconvenience. Extreme care must be taken not to leave food out before or after meals. If food is stored inside the tent, the tent must never be left open. In addition to swarming the food, ants inside a tent can crawl into sleeping bags and clothing. Although these insects cause minor discomfort, some wildlife encounters are potentially dangerous. There are many poisonous snakes in the United States, such as the water moccasin and the diamond-back rattlesnake. When hiking in the woods, the camper must be careful where he steps. Also, the tent must never be left open. Snakes, searching for either shade from the sun or shelter from the rain, can enter a tent. An encounter between an unwary camper and a surprised snake can prove to be fatal. Run-ins can range from unpleasant to dangerous, but the camper must realize that they are sometimes inevitable.
In the following essay, notice that the opening paragraph builds to a thesis sentence, which states the main idea that the next three paragraphs explain and support. This thesis statement becomes the controlling idea of the entire essay. All paragraphs are unified around this controlling idea. The fifth paragraph concludes by emphasizing the main idea. The thesis statement is marked in blue, and the topic sentences of each development paragraph are marked in green. Notice that the topic sentence provides the main idea for the development paragraph. Notice also that the topic sentence makes a logical transition from the preceding paragraph.

Five paragraph essays samples

  • The introduction sets the structure for the rest of the essay, with the first sentence being the hook sentence.
  • The hook sentence is kind of like the spark to a flame. It grabs the reader’s attention.
  • The hook is usually either a rhetorical question, some life example, or a stunning fact.
  • Focus: Did the writer spend his time proving his or her thesis? Did they accomplish their goal?
  • Organization: Was the essay readable, were the transitions between paragraphs smooth, and did the writer follow the proper outline format and not diverge from the set structure?
  • Conventions: Did the writer make many grammatical mistakes? Did they have run-on sentences?
  • Style: Did the writer use high-level vocabulary, were words rarely repeated, how original were his or her sentence structures?
  • Content: Did the writer adequately prove his argument and were his or her statements logical, reliable, and factual?

Five paragraph essays samples
But don’t be misunderstood. No matter its size such a task requires even more efforts than a traditional essay. The point is you have to work hard on the exact sentence because each one is under the spotlight. Besides, according to its small length, the author must create a proper structure and make a lot of edits. Sometimes editing requires much more time than writing.
Of course, the experience in making such papers is more useful, so there are special platforms which propose writing services. In any case, you have all in your hands. Do your best and follow all recommendations for having success.

Below is an example of a 5-paragraph essay. Notice how the essay follows the outline.

  1. Introduction about camping, with three main points and thesis statement
  2. Body
    1. bad weather
    2. wildlife
    3. equipment failures
  3. Conclusion reviewing three main points and thesis statement

Five paragraph essays samples
For example, if you are asked to write about racial discrimination, you can start your introduction with a strong statement like ‘Why should people with different skin color be treated worse? They have two hands and two legs, as anyone else”.
So what is a 5 paragraph essay? It is a very common assignment both for high school and college, which aims to check your written skills, as well as abilities to analyze and put your thoughts on paper. It is mostly an informative writing, which contains your own narratives on the topic.


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