good movies to write papers on

good movies to write papers on

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#5: Mulholland Drive (2001)
The movie tells the story of an aspiring actress Betty Elms who goes to Hollywood to pursue her dreams. She meets an amnesiac woman who just survived a car crash on Mulholland Drive. From that time, their lives intertwine with mysteries and dreams.
#2: Taxi Driver (1976)
A lonely ex-marine drives his taxi at night as he has insomnia. New York City in the 70s doesn’t inspire him a lot, and he wishes the society wasn’t that rotten.

by Rahul Parashar 25
Thanks for the comment. The Kings Speech does have a line where Churchill mentions his stutter. I’m hoping his new biopic is good and worthy of my personal list. Good luck with your writing!

Good movies to write papers on
Fun: It’s an epic fight between good and evil—what’s not to like? The lines are eminently quotable, especially when spoken by Pumbaa and Scar, and the hyenas are genuinely scary.
Academics: History students take note: Pocahontas is a good study of racism and attempts to rewrite history. Reality was considerably harsher than the movie: Pocahontas’ people were never accepted as equals by Europeans, and John Smith was more likely to hold her hostage than romance her. Such concealment of atrocities and racism is a hot topic in classrooms and society today, and Pocahontas is a universally accessible starting place for examination of the trend.


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