how do you quote a movie in an essay

how do you quote a movie in an essay

Donen, S., & Kelly, G. (Directors). (1952). Singin’ in the rain [Film]. Metro-Goldwin-Mayer.
Creating an APA reference for media requires different information than an article or book reference. Formats and examples for a movie, and TV show episode are provided below:

How do you quote a movie in an essay
Under the Skin. Directed by Jonathan Glazer , performance by Scarlett Johansson , music by Mica Levi , BFI / Film4, 2013.
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  • books
  • periodicals (journals, magazines, newspapers)
  • films
  • videos
  • TV shows
  • Microfilm publications

The table below isn’t comprehensive, but it’s a good starting point

Reference the film in-text by placing the director of the movie in parentheses followed by the year the movie was released. Italicize the name of the movie when referencing it in the the essay.
Cite the movie in the references section using the tile of the movie, the format, the director, the year released into theaters, the location where the movie was filmed, the producer of the movie and the release date of the video copy.

Quality essay paper follows quality movie quotes that are cited correctly. However, you will be forced to abandon the quote in case you know very little about it. Generally, when you know little or nothing about something, you needn’t to mention or recite it to everybody. Fortunately, the internet and other reputable citation handbook have clearly explained how movie quotes can be incorporated correctly in a paper. Hence, writers should learn how to cite a movie quote MLA by including an incorrectly cited quote defining the movie source. Parenthesis citations need to be done perfectly.
Quoting a movie in an essay, dissertation or term paper will depend on the accepted formatting styles used in an institutional affiliation. However, there are four commonly used formatting standards used by many colleges and universities. These are APA, MLA, AP and Chicago formatting styles. Moreover, many professors and teachers recommend students to intensely study how to cite a quote from a movie MLA and would even deduct marks for a poorly referenced movie in your work. In that regard, if you have any doubts about a certain referencing style of how to cite a movie source in MLA, it is recommend of you to research and read more before handing in your paper.


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