how to analysis a movie

how to analysis a movie

How to analysis a movie
After I have all of my thoughts down, I take as much into consideration as I can and then work on the flow. I put a lot of care into the organization of my review, and make sure my thoughts are read in a cohesive manner to help my audience understand where I’m coming from. I prioritize what’s most important to include and let the rest go.
On the other side of the coin, the Transformers movies, as detailed as the robots look, most of the time while I was watching the movies, I felt like I was watching a jumbled mess of computer animated metal smashing into each other. It didn’t look stimulating. You want the special effects to complement the story rather than just being used as a visual device.

  • through dialogue?
  • by the way they speak?
  • physical appearance? thoughts and feelings?
  • interaction – the way they act towards other characters?
  • Are they static characters who do not change?
  • Do they develop by the end of the story?
  • What type of characters are they?
  • What qualities stand out?
  • Are they stereotypes?
  • Are the characters believable?
  • Is there a narrator in the film? Who?
  • Point of view means through whose eyes the story is being told.
  • Through whose eyes does the story unfold?
  • Is the story told in the first person “I” point of view?
  • Is the story told through an off-screen narrator?

How to analysis a movie
12. On the final stage write did you like the movie or not. Do you find it successful or bad. Someone can even write recommendations about who will like this type of movie.
10. Make a good start. Do not forget to mention the history of the film creation, write about people who were engaged in its shooting, and a special story that put a base of a movie.

How to analysis a movie
You need to understand that you aren’t writing a movie review essay. There is a difference between a movie review and a movie analysis and it is important to understand this difference.
But here’s the kicker:

How to analysis a movie
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Do you enjoy thinking about or discussing the meanings of a movie after you’ve watching it? How do you go about “reading” a movie’s meaning? Can you think about any movies that have made you understand the world better, even fiction?


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