information technology essays

information technology essays

INTRODUCTION Since classical times technology has been associated to development. The more the use of technology, higher the degree of development. This technological change has had an impact on all organizations and sectors which includes manufacturing, designs, entertainment and healthcare. By 1991, U.S. companies spent more on information technology than any other form of investment; total spending on computers and related services doubled from approximately $80 billion in 1984 to over $160
Information technology avails a business with detailed data and strategizes out the business journey properly. IT helps companies maintain customers and profit, which is what every business’s long-term goal is. Information technology is vital for decision making in a business, with the proper data characteristics, information technology can make sure all information is accurate, timely, just barely sufficient, worth its cost, and relevant (Kroenke, 2016). I think there are way more advantages from

Information technology essays
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Information technology essays
A single machine can replace many workers. Also, machines can do work at a constant pace for several hours or days without stopping. Due to this, many workers lost their job which ultimately increases unemployment.
Q.2 Is technology harmful to humans?

Today’s world is the world of information and telecommunication. Everyday new technology and inventions are being made in the area of information, processing and travelling. There is hardly any area which had not been affected by this. Due to all this, the word distance sounds ironical in present day context.
The internet has put an unprecedented amount of buying and selling power in the hands of all those within a keystroke distance of a computer. Never in the history of commerce have solitary buyers and sellers been able to engage so effortlessly in commerce on all points whether one is a scrap dealer or a collector with an obsession for antiques, the internet is a solution.


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