jam on social media

jam on social media

Our bundled services and working groups of experts are formed to ensure transparent prices.

We understand the priorities of small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, each article or advertisement is created according to your business goals and approved before publication.

It’s time to get social with the JAM team. From managing accounts, creating creative social campaigns to providing a social media strategy and time of day testing. From Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to YouTube, JAM will ensure your ‘graming, snapping, tubing and tweeting your way to top of the social tree, as we know how important social media is within the digital world.
Planning an event? We can deal with small or large corporate events whether it be a business meeting, seminar or food festival for thousands, we can develop a plan and source suppliers, to staffing the event. We can assist with invitation creation and print, right up to who to invite and organising relevant media and celebrities to be there.

Jam on social media

If your stories are all about your products and services, that’s not storytelling. It’s a brochure. Give yourself permission to make the story bigger.

Don’t spread yourself thin. Select a few social channels that work well in your industry and manage them well. Facebook may not be a good source for many large companies, but Linked In may be. In this day and age, there’s no time to manage them all, so it’s important to figure out a strategy that works and stick with it.

“Through its strategic and creative thinking, Jam will be key in helping us continue to evolve perceptions of the Trust and opening up conversations with new and existing audiences.”
The charity already has a social community of just under 400,000 members. Jam will be tasked with increasing that number as well as monitoring key audiences.

Jam on social media
That way it doesn’t matter when people see it. And in terms of evergreen content still utilising “special” or public holidays; simply create a month long editorial calendar campaign or theme around the day(s). That will ensure that people get to see your post whilst it’s still relevant and fun.
There is so much content flooding into social media platforms on a daily basis that it’s literally creating some content congestion; a big traffic jam. This causes a delay in other’s newsfeeds which means that people will actually start seeing your post between 48 -72 hours later unless they physically go to view your page.



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