movie analysis examples

movie analysis examples

  • Symbols – when something stands not only for itself ( a literal meaning), but also stands for something else (a figurative meaning) e.g. The feather in the film Forrest Gump symbolizes his destiny.
  • What images are used in the film? e.g. color, objects etc.
  • Can you find any symbols?

The narrator is the person telling the story.

Movie analysis examples
Writing a film analysis essay is not as difficult as it might appear and you are sure to love watching the movie and looking deeply at its core meaning while doing so. If you still feel unsure of writing your essay, you can check out these articles: Analysis Essay and How to Write an Analytical Essay.
With these tips, your film analysis is bound to be great, yet there is a way to make it even better! And you’ll see how to do it below.

Movie analysis examples
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While the scenery helps to provide the context in which the story unfolds, it is more through the cultural nuances of the mothers and their daughters that is truly at the core of the film. One of the main points is the emphasis on education in the film. Asian parents are known for pushing their children to achieve the highest possible marks, at the cost of nearly every other aspect of their lives. Play time is typically out of the question for many Asian parents, or so the stereotypes would say. The mothers in the “Joy Luck Club,” try to make their children as American as possible, so that they would have the best opportunities in life. This constant push that the children are receiving from their parents is a struggle, and the daughters found it difficult to live life in the ways that they wanted.

Movie analysis examples
There is a scene where the floor manager (Lonny Chapman) summons Rae in the office. He begins by telling her that she is big-mouthed and requests for longer breaks and smoking time. The best way figured by the manager is to earn Rae a promotion. She agrees to a position of spot checker due to high pay. She resigns from this position and is heartily appreciated by her friends. Women in the film are unwavering and ready to offer their precious help in a dire situation. Just as Mother Teresa will be known for her good deeds, Norma Rae in this film depicts the undying spirit.
This film represents social justice as the central theme (Ritt, 2009). To understand how women are portrayed as activists, it is necessary to have knowledge on the plot of the movie. The movie Norma Rae represents justice at different levels. This film illustrates what women experience at the family level as well as societal level (Ritt, 2009). A common denominator exists, which disputes women indulgence in leadership roles. The husband to Rae objects her wife’s role in unionizing the factory as depicted in the film. The movies try to teach us that women have defined role-play in the society. Rae is moved into this activity after feeling pity for what her family goes through. Rae is ready to risking anything to unionize the factory, which would help to the fight against oppression (Ritt, 2009).

Movie analysis examples
Therefore, as you plan on how to write an essay about a movie, you should be very clear on what type of analysis you intend to focus on. A careful review of the question questions will greatly help in understanding exactly which type of analysis is required in a particular essay.
Knowing what content to include in your essay is not all that is needed of you. Follow the following tips on how to write a films analysis essay, and you’ll be good to take off!


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