movie in essay

movie in essay

Simply put: no.
APA’s Publication Manual (2010) indicates that, in the body of your paper , you should use italics for the titles of:

Reference the video in-text differently than you would for printed sources. Since there are no page numbers, you can cite the video by director and title. Write the full name of the director, and italicize the name of the film.
Reference the film in-text by placing the director of the movie in parentheses followed by the year the movie was released. Italicize the name of the movie when referencing it in the the essay.

However much the teachers and institutions of learning have embraced the use of movies as acceptable academic sources, there is still not enough information on how to write a movie title in a paper. Also, guidelines on how to correctly cite and reference movies a not easily available online. Consequently, we have recognized that students are in dire need of guidelines to teach them how to write a movie title in an essay by themselves. We have taken the initiative to provide templates formatted to adhere to the guidelines stipulated by some of the more common styles of writing such as MLA and APA formatting styles.
The above list only shows just a few of the common movie genres people enjoy from time to time and may sometimes lead to movie title in paper. Well, what if I tell you the movies you enjoy so much have recently come to be accepted as valuable sources of information. Some of these genres are increasingly being included in the ever-growing list of academically acceptable source materials and also included in the learning processes as teaching aids and learning examples.

  • Proofreading should be your must-to-do act. Many times students eventually fail to impress the audience just because of a few general mistakes. Proofread until your paper gives you the look and feel of perfection.

Stop putting your thoughts in confusing horizons and wondering how to write movie titles in essays, which rules we should select or opt for; both of the guidelines scientific and general can be used collaboratively. The general rules eventually combine with scientific ones. Did you ever know about this unique collaboration? If not, then give a read to these following words. Below we are patterning rules of writing movie titles, within the boundaries of scientific style.

Movie in essay

  • Find articles, interviews and videos that analyze the film
  • Remember about the theory of movie and base your arguments on it
  • Find both positive and negative reviews to get a full picture
  • Think about the message of the film
  • What visual and narrative strategies are used to make the message clear?
  • Think about your interpretation of the main message
  • Consider the most important plot twists or/and details
  • Think about other movies that are similar to this one
  • Write down some crucial phrases from the film that will serve as back-up for your arguments


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