outline about technology

outline about technology

* Emerging technologies
* Best Available Technology
* Developing country
* List of emerging technologies
* Innovation
* Invention
* Inventor
* Technological superpowers
History of technology

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As a conclusion, there are several positive impacts of technology on our lives but there are several downsides too. We cannot abandon technology now but we can ensure not to let it control us.

4. Pressure on the poorer society.
A. Pollution

-Crime Scene Investigation
– living & working in space

The writing process can be stressful, especially when you don’t know where to start. That’s why you need to begin with an outline.
Although outlining may seem like a long process, it will make the writing process a much easier experience. Once you have your outline completed, all the hard work is done. You’re ready to start putting your ideas into full sentences and writing a logical, well-developed essay.



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