persuasive essay topics about social media

persuasive essay topics about social media

If you have a task to develop an argument on a controversial topic, the matter of social media and their impact can be an idea that fits. Find out some guidelines, steps, and topics.

  • How to determine the character of a person by his Instagram?
  • Life on Facebook: how the truth differs from the reality.
  • When did the girls turn into the same type of ducks?
  • What those who do not know how to do selfies should do in our world?
  • How to determine how much we are stupefied/wiser after having spent the last decade on the network?

Persuasive essay topics about social media
Social networks can improve already existing mental and emotional challenges a young person is dealing with for a long time. This is not a secret already. You should prepare your kids and tell them about all the dangers networks are hiding beyond. Parental control and support as more experienced individualities and users can protect kids and teens from a serious mental damage.
This is only up to you what to decide and what features of social networks are more important for you…

Use this social media argumentative essay sample to brainstorm your ideas and write a great paper.
Social networks have both advantages and disadvantages, and the following pros and cons of social media essay sample will cover this topic.

Persuasive essay topics about social media
The main point of a persuasive essay is to persuade the reader that your idea or belief is logical and worthy. Some samples of writing a persuasive essay about social media can help to succeed.
These are 15 most significant topics:

Persuasive essay topics about social media
Introduction. Write a powerful hook sentence at the beginning to catch an eye of the target audience (use interesting fact, simile, metaphor, literary quote, anecdote, etc.) Develop an impressive, clear thesis statement, stressing the main idea.
Conclusion. Begin with rewritten thesis sentence; mention each of the 3 arguments. Conclude by answering the main question, provide a valuable forecast. It would be great to add a call-to-action sentence to leave a strong impression on the reader.


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