persuasive speech topics on social media

persuasive speech topics on social media

Persuasive speech topics on social media
After you’ve chosen your topic it’s important to do the following:
Emotions are motivators so the audience is more likely to be persuaded and act on your requests if you present an emotional topic.

Instagram, twitter, and Facebook feeds or snap chatting peers? Seventy three percent of wired teens use social media websites (CNN). We live in a society where social media dominates a vast majority of our life. Lapointe Lapointe, through a relatable series of emotional developments, targets teens and families caught up in social media to clearly inform them about the dangers of tech-based social apps and the vitality of monitoring what we say, do and like. Our actions, although they may seem immensely
Adam Ostrow is a new media entrepreneur and commentator of the twenty first century. One of the main titles that Ostrow holds is being the editor in chief of, one of the most-read independent news sites in the world, covering the latest technologies, trends and individuals that are driving the current evolution of the web. Since joining Mashable in 2007, Ostrow has contributed more than 2,500 articles. Under his direction, Mashable has grown more than tenfold to 13 million visitors per

Persuasive speech topics on social media
Have you ever noticed you do not get tired re-reading books of the great American authors? Every time the reader finds something new and curious in the interesting persuasive essay topics proposed by the writer, he/she goes on exploring it from cover to cover. A persuasive essay can be more powerful than a narrative one written by the favorite author. It covers some good persuasive speech topics that make people want to discuss, debate and take the writer’s side in the end. Wish to learn how to write a debatable essay of the winner?
Quotes/Quotations – Direct & indirect in-text citations from the area’s leading experts support the writer’s position invaluably.

Persuasive speech topics on social media
The article by an official Facebook representative is valuable in two ways. On the one hand, it cites the ways how social media can negatively affect democracy: enabling foreign influence, spreading fake news, creating echo chambers when people are only served the viewpoints they agree with, political harassment, unequal representation of the population in public political dialogue.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of using social media (individual person perspective)
  2. Positive and negative effects of social media (human society perspective)
  3. The adverse impact of social media we should fight against
  4. Great things we owe to social media
  5. The effect of social media on identity. Modern phenomena of fake identities and having different online and offline identities.
  6. The impact of social media on youth
  7. The role of social media in education (other education essay topics )
  8. The role of social media in cyberbullying
  9. The role of social media in promoting healthy/unhealthy lifestyles, beauty image
  10. Are social media sites productivity killers?
  11. Does social media promote radicalization?
  12. The impact of social media on doing business
  13. The process of hiring in the age of social media
  14. Hate speech on social media: To censor or not to censor
  15. Is social media corrupting the idea of democracy? (Consider the role of Facebook in Brexit, the election of Trump, etc.)
  16. Is social media addiction a real thing?
  17. Should people be taught to be cautious about what they post online? Should children/ parents get special training on this?
  18. Does social media promote or harm real-life communication?
  19. Is social media used for mass surveillance ? Why it shouldn’t/should better be used this way?
  20. It’s all about likes: Can Black Mirror be right about our future? (Analyze the episode “ Nosedive ”. Can today’s trends lead us to the anti-utopia portrayed in the episode? What can we do to prevent it?)

Persuasive speech topics on social media
In recent years, the rise of social media has dominated the Internet. In fact, social media companies are now some of the biggest and most valuable businesses in the world. Furthermore, the influence that social media companies have had on all aspects of daily life, including social extra interactions, marketing, business relations, and a wide range of other things means that social media is a great topic for an argumentative essay. In fact, the list below outlines 20 possible essay topics that you may wish to consider when writing an argumentative essay on social media.
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