short argumentative essay about social media

short argumentative essay about social media

Social media is slowly taking over the world. This is why when you say something online, no matter who you are talking to, be sure to comprehend what your saying before you say it. Social media allows users to insult, bully, and threaten others without any fear of punishment because your anonymous, and its easier to bully them on social media than in person. People who cyberbully deliberately uses online platforms to harm, humiliate and threaten others. When bullying others online, the person will
Argumentative essay on social media Nowadays, we are living in the most advanced technology era as we have a lot of gadgets to communicate with each other. Just a few decades back, people had to wait for a week or two to receive a letter but now, we able to talk, char and make friends in a mere twinkling of an eye. Social media has become part and parcel of our everyday lives. The idea behind the social media is to enable us to hold better contact with friends, family and new people. There are many

Short argumentative essay about social media
According to Mathew Hudson, sellers that utilize a marketing strategy with social networks have experienced excellent results. “Companies are very active on social media because that is a way to reach their potential customers. Another thing to consider is that the most commonly-shared content on social media is an image. So always include an image with your posts” (2018). Juliana Chen has carried this further. She notes that “in the commercial context, social media offers an effective platform for trend setting. The onslaught of the aesthetically pleasing Unicorn trend, which made its way to bagels, macaroons, wedding cakes, hot chocolate and gin across America is a noted example” (2017).
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Short argumentative essay about social media
Can Social Media Destroy Real-Life Communication?
Ordinary people tend to have different opinions even when they are not considering scientific studies, though it is evident that the most popular belief is that online communication is, in fact, harming real-life communication. To the question of whether social media destroys real human relationships, eighty percent of the people on answered “yes,” and only twenty percent chose “no” (“Does Social Media Destroy Real Human Relationships?”). People are sharing their opinions that using phones makes people ignore what is happening around them, and online interaction cannot replace face-to-face communication.

Also, he claimed in the British Journal The Biologist:
Participants in the week-long study were polled via BlackBerry smart phones seven times per day and asked to report when they experienced a desire within the past 30 minutes, and whether or not the succumbed to that desire. They were also asked to gauge each desire on a scale from mild to “irresistible. ” In the light of these facts, surely social media make addicts, and it is hard to escape. The problem is most people who have an addiction to social media and don’t even realize it. Second, people can get mental and physical disorders easily through using social media.

Short argumentative essay about social media
The Internet is everywhere you turn. Wherever you go you are sure to find someone using the Internet to do something. At work, school or home, you cannot escape the Internet, and for good reason. The Internet allows you to connect with people in a way, unlike anything you could ever imagine. It doesn’t matter where someone is located in the world because there is always a way to get ahold of them online. Because of this, social networking has taken the Internet by storm. Wondering whether social networking is worth it? Find out more about whether social networking is a bane or a boon here.
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