social media effects on society essay

social media effects on society essay

Social Media Social media are computer mediacted technologies that facilitate the createn sharing of information, ideas, career interest and other forms of expression via virtual communities and network (Wikipedia). According to Chris Bragan (2010). Sosial media is a new set of communication and collaboration tools that allow for various type of inteructions not previously available to ordinary people. My opinion is that social media has more negative effect than positive effect, because
Effects Social Media Social media is becoming the trend in this era. According to the McGraw Hill Dictionary, social media is the means used by people to interact with one another in a way create, share, and exchange information and ideas in a communication network and virtual. Social media is always doing updates almost every time so as to make the people who use them won’t get bored. Social media is used almost by everyone, whether parents or children. Some example of social media are facebook

Social Media First of all before we talking deep to the argument about “Does social media give negative effects ?” statement I would to introduce what is social media first. Social Media are the big platform we can chat and talk with everyone in this world from long distance, and the place we can know many information from all around the world via virtual communities and network. Talking about “Does social media give negative effect?” statement, yes social media give negative effect and I’m agree
Social media is defined as an online service, platform or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people who share interest or activities. Some famous sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The generalization of the internet makes us live conveniently and fast. We live in time where communication is possible without having to exert so much effort. We live in the time where social media is the main medium of communication. Twenty-first

Social media effects on society essay
One of the problems, however, is that anybody can share anything, including material that may not be accurate. In some cases, real harm is done when people spread inflammatory, unverified or outright false information. This can harm private individuals, as when someone is bullied online. It can also have a harmful impact on society as a whole. The 2016 presidential election, however, gave us many examples of this problem.
Many websites publish fake news simply as clickbait. They want people to click on shocking headlines in order to get clicks so they can sell more advertising. There are also sites with a strong ideological slant. These may be extreme right wing, left wing or conspiracy sites. Many of these sites aren’t very discerning about publishing “news” stories that back their point of view.

Social media effects on society essay
Unauthentic information
Not every information that you see on social media is true. There are a lot of profiles on social media networking websites that are fake, disguised and unreal. This can cause a lot of harm to a person if he / she shared their personal information over social media. Also, some people who like to create rumors and it spread like a wildfire. Before you trust on that information, it is important to check about the credibility of the information and the source.
Benefits of social media

As the world evolves society is being exposed to many different things. These factors playing a role in society has negative and positive effects. In deeper context; the variety of religion rates going higher, the latest fashion trends making full figured girls starve themselves, or the music that is out causing children to act up in school. They all have effects on society. They all play a part in the public society some kind of way. Social media is a huge factor for society. This factor has an effect
they say on Facebook and Twitter?. All of this has to do with the society in which we live in. In the 1950’s, women believed that how women on the television dressed and acted was how they needed to be. That has never changed. Today’s teens have the images they see on television and social media that make them feel as if they have to have the appearance of models and celebrities they see. Because social media has such a great impact on today’s teens, they believe they have to be skinny or possess


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