social media topics of discussion

social media topics of discussion

Social media topics of discussion
This can feel really uncomfortable at first, but the internet is a big place, and being modest is not a sustainable marketing strategy. So share your accomplishments! It shows your customers that you kinda rock and it shows your fans how to rock.
Okay, solopreneurs and small business owners – we know you’re busy. Like, busy-busy.

These are not just conversations for the communications department. Be courageous. Pick up the phone, or fire up the email, and ask for 15 minutes of time from the people that can help move social media forward in your organization (or at least reduce some of the friction around it). That means the marketing folks, the customer service folks, finance, HR, PR, product management, QA, sales. Yes, that includes the people you’ve never talked to before, and the ones that aren’t in your “box”.
Ask them one or two questions that can help you form a business case for social media. Your goal is to align social’s capabilities with the problems your organization needs or wants to solve for their own business. Note that the questions below aren’t all specific to social media; they’re attempting to uncover some of the underlying culture, brand, and operational issues that social media could help address. Remember, we’re talking culture change as well as operational change. You need to be the one to translate.

4. Tendency to endorse fake news: Sometimes the information or news that is not real is promoted to great extent that people tend to rely on them.
1. Security Issue: Information shared over social media may be confidential. It could be misused if gone to the wrong hands. The security systems are inappropriate when it comes to teenagers.

Social media topics of discussion
A distraction and hinderance

  • While many users feel their personal data is safe on social networking sites because they have set high levels of security settings research suggests this is not the case. A case in point is the recent case where a researcher linked to Cambridge Analytica (CA), a political consulting firm had accessed details of 50 million Facebook users. The data was shared with Cambridge Analytica, which used online data to reach voters on social media with personalized messages and swayed 2016 US elections.
  • Social media sites can make it more difficult for us to distinguish between the meaningful relationships we foster in the real world, and the numerous casual relationships formed through social media.
  • While on the surface it appears social networking brings people together across the Internet, in a larger sense it may create social isolation.
  • While many businesses use social networking sites to find and communicate with clients, the sites also prove a great distraction to employees who may show more interest in what their friends are posting than in their work tasks.
  • Cyber bullying is another growing trend among social media websites.
  • Addiction to social media results in a number of negative health impacts such as strain, eye problems, fatigue, distraction etc.
  • Even terrorist organizations like al Qaeda and ISIS use social media to spread their propaganda and also polarize people.
  • With proliferation of social media the average attention span of humans has reduced to 8 seconds and the situation is graver for millennial.

Social media topics of discussion
If you’re struggling to serve up fresh, trendy social media topics to fill your feed, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover three easy ways to identify brand-focused social media topics and content worth sharing.
So how do you stand out from the torrent of posts cascading through the digital environment? Stay focused and use these three strategies (and all the ideas!).


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