speech about technology

speech about technology

Speech about technology
The trigger phrase can be customised without the need for recordings.
It has advanced built-in noise reduction to ensure accurate recognition performance in real world conditions using single and multiple microphone configurations.

Speech about technology
Money can be transferred online through your mobile phone and greeting card can be mailed.
But one thing we must not forget is that all the innovations are made to help us, not to make us the victim of the technological world.

The main objectives of the scheme are:
In contrast, India has not given considerable attention to technology in its integrated efforts for the development of small-scale enterprises in the country. The experience of the United States, the most industrialized country with a significant role of small enterprises, also tells that an approach which takes in its fold the technology dimension as complementary to other aspects such as credit and inter-linkage with the large firms is very effective to the growth of the small-scale sector (Hammond 1982).

Speech about technology
Moreover, certain physiological researches teams have also proved their disadvantages. Because of the presence of social media applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. the actual isolation has increased manifold. And ultimately it leads to increased loneliness and depression cases amongst the youngsters.
We use this technology on a daily basis to fulfill our interests and particular duties. From morning till evening we use this technology as it helps us numerous ways.

Speech about technology
One of the most popular applications of speech technology is speech recognition, usually called speech-to-text. This is used by voice-based virtual assistants and robots, which are becoming more popular. Virtual assistants can be implemented on specific devices, such as smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa and others, including locally developed devices. It is also implemented as a software application in devices such as Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby and Apple Siri, which is getting better every day.
Businesses can also take advantage of speech recognition technology. Among important things in a business is gaining insight from customer feedback. Speech recognition technology can be used to automatically transcribe tons of customer service calls, to be processed further by natural language processing to identify keywords, topics and trends. Along with listening to and understanding customers, businesses can use the technology to get insight on how to streamline the support process and monitor support agents and representatives’ performance. Since agents are at the frontline of customer interface for a company, it is important that they deliver representative brand image and accurate information in an appropriate and approachable manner. Using the transcribed call recording data, they can understand customers more by applying in-depth data mining in gender, age estimation, language, accent, emotion and sentiment, topic, speech patterns and more. This will enable businesses to make highly-targeted marketing campaigns as well as improve services, support and sales performance.



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