technology makes life easier essay

technology makes life easier essay

Technology makes life easier essay
3. Travel industry has seen a huge change.
Most people have ever misplaced their wallets, car keys, mobile phone and so on. This can actually frustrate you. You will realize that once you have misplaced your car keys, you cannot access your car. However, you can actually replace your car keys and save enough time trying to find your lost key, faster than ever.

Technology makes life easier essay
And nowadays, as mentioned earlier almost everyone is having some kind of electronic devices with them such as a laptop or even a tablet. Not just that, the use of airplanes, cars, lifts, and everything which has made our lives convenient also falls into the same category.
Now, all it takes is a few clicks of our fingers on the smartphones to send out a mail, message to our loved ones or office colleagues. The user experience and interface have drastically improved with the upcoming modern age technology.

Yes, I know – you’ve probably concluded I don’t iPod, text message, or have a strawberry…or what’s it called, oh yeah… a blackberry. You’re right.
One thing’s for sure and contrary to advertised claims: they are not always my servants. In fact, too often they become my master. For example, when my computer decides to have a nervous breakdown it takes me along for the bumpy ride into Neverland. Its lesser spasms are also contagious.

Technology makes life easier essay
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Consequently, heshe would finish hisher research faster than doing it in the library by hand. Technology is helping teachers and students to better understand the content of their subjects, and allows them to develop the teaching and studying methods in order to get more benefits; the role of technology in schools and universities has turned from a simple (computer class or IT class) into a multipurpose learning tool that can change the way we demonstrate concepts, assign projects, and assess programsThus, technology, which created the computer, has definitely helped the universities and the students to get a better knowledge.Nowadays, ways of locomotion such as car, motorcycle, train, and airplane, has facilitated our lives. Centuries ago, the main way to travel a long distance was the ship, or the horse. Today, the airplane is the most useful way to make fast travels, which gives to us more time. For example, comparing with the ship which usually crosses the Atlantic Ocean in one or two weeks, the airplane can easily cross it in about 10 hours, and is still the safest way to travel in the world.
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