thesis statement about social media

thesis statement about social media

Despite it being valuable, it can have grave effects on society. Social media has led to the deterioration of mental health by decreasing the attention span and the self-esteem of many of its users. It has also affected how people manage their time since most of it is spent online. And lastly, it has created a platform for cyberbullying and propagation of false information.
Social Media is also associated with irregular sleep. Being online at night keeps the brain active by engaging the emotional and cognitive brain centers, which makes it difficult to fall asleep. It also displaces sleep time since people are glued to their screens at their bedtime. The light from technological devices delays the onset of sleep, thus leading to irregular sleep patterns.

Thesis statement about social media
Privacy and security are always going to be issues when it comes to the internet. Social media is a big part of the internet and users have shared their horror stories of hacked accounts and people finding their home address and contact information, even murders of popular social media influencers. However, what if, the actual social media website is compromising one’s data? Kashmir Hill made the discovery last year the Facebook uses users’ locations to suggest friends. “Kashmir Hill, over at Fusion, discovered Facebook had been using location to suggest friends. The social network even admitted to doing so, claiming to combine that data with other factors, such as work and education information or mutual friends” (Fox-Brewster, 2016). This may be suitable for Facebook to continue building their site, but if this has the potential to invade a person’s privacy and security, what should be allowed in these kinds of companies?
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Thesis statement about social media
However, this trend is not seen as a positive change only; while people have become closer and erased the geographical boundaries in communication, this has not in any way made communication heartier or simpler. With so many opportunities for socializing, people are as lonely as never before, and even having hundreds of friends online does not guarantee you sincerity and closeness of relationships. Given such a contradictory nature of social media, there is so much interest in researching this topic, so you can receive an assignment on social media writing at any moment.
Social media is everywhere; it has changed the world in which we live and has affected global communication. While a couple of decades ago, people had to spend enormous sums of money on phone calls or waited for months to send and receive a paper letter, social media and networks have emerged to enable unlimited, instant, and free global communication. With the help of this innovation, people have become closer to each other and can share information and multimedia, exchange messages, and track each other’s online activity with their social accounts.

The procedure in all of them is usually the same; member invites or adds to your preferences to other members or publishes and shares some element of interest. This form although between two members of a social network there is no direct relationship between them, if they can become indirectly connected through other members.
Do we know where social networks originate?

Thesis statement about social media
You need to find a golden middle that means an interesting topic with great potential for research. You need something that has depth but can be opened completely at the same time. Take into account that your essay topic should show your attitude to the topic. So, you should pick the topic you would be glad to express your opinion on. Good essay topics show issues that society either hides or vice versa discusses all the time. Not a piece of cake, right? Here are some valuable social media essay topics you are offered to look through and pick the one that you feel passionate about.
Also, social media are often useful for business. It became a perfect tool to seek customers and advertise your goods online. Can reach customers from all over the world just in seconds. This a great feature everyone can benefit from. The other side of the coin is that people more often choose to shop online. This fact and statistics can harm owners of small local shops.


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