why are classroom rules important essay

why are classroom rules important essay

Classroom management can be a difficult situation to stand by. Over the years, teachers and philosophers have argues which way is the right way to manage a classroom. There is not completely right way to run a classroom. What it all comes down to is who the teacher is and who the class is. There are some classes where the children have more say in what is being taught and how and there are other classes where the teacher is the one in charge of the day. In the end, classroom management can be the
I. Classroom Setting and Proposed Set of Classroom Rules The classroom setting for the following procedures is a 2nd grade classroom. I will set high expectations for my students from the first day of school. The learning environment in my classroom will be warm, open, and fair. The rules proposed for my classroom are as follows: 1. Raise Your Hand Before You Speak 2. Be in Your Seat and Ready to Learn When Lessons Begin 3. Listen When Others Are Speaking 4. Work Quietly and Respect Those Learning

The classroom monitor will be changed every two weeks to a month but I will make the selections. This will allow me give every child a chance.
Gain the pupils trust and respect by giving them mines.

In my classroom, I believe in the power of mutual respect. Having students respect me, in turn, allows me to return the favor. Also, in my class, I want students to know that they are expected to ask questions, for in asking questions one’s mind develops. I want to make sure my classroom environment is comfortable for asking questions. In addition, I want my students to know I’m here to make their journey through school an exciting and pleasurable experience. My students should always be ready to
Learning a foreign language has become a critical factor that impacts the future of any country; specially, the English language which is now considered to be a global lingua franca. The growing importance of English has been observed in virtually all countries of the world. Egypt is one of the countries in which English has a strong and a palpable presence in all its sectors. This perceived growing position of English stems from the development which Egypt has witnessed in recent years on

Students need to learn that other people’s property is not fair game. Making and enforcing rules against taking, using or damaging personal or school property will help students learn respect and boundaries – essential skills for life. 6. Allow others to talk without interrupting
8. Use polite language

Rules should be simple (I recently attended a session where rules were no more than four words each, and there were only six of them), thus easy to remember; they should be written up in big letters on a classroom poster, and thus always to mind; and they should be written down as the class discuss what they understand by each, and are thus ’embedded’ in each brain as they are accepted by the group.
Ground rules are all there to ensure appropriate behaviour and mutual respect. Key clauses concern not talking over others, listening to the teacher, arriving on time, and turning off phones – the agreed list should be the basis for order in the classroom.



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