writing a film analysis

writing a film analysis

Writing a film analysis
Since it is your film analysis essay, it shouldn’t be equal to other movie reviews. This chapter requires you to share your impression. However, you should try to avoid your personal preferences.
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Writing a film analysis
Happy movie watching…and writing!
If you want more examples on how to write the film analysis, check out our Freakonomics the Movie essay sample.

Writing a film analysis
That’s why you should try to evaluate how music reflects the mood of the film or the impact it has on what is happening on the screen. Is it supportive or distracting?
Therefore, pay attention to costumes and special effects and analyse their impact on the film.

In this step, provide an overview of the film story in a brief manner. However, avoid writing a synopsis of the movie instead of an analysis. Reveal twists in the plot or how the film ends if this is related to the analysis directly.
Here are the steps to follow when writing a critical analysis of a film:

Writing a film analysis
Induce the audience by involving them in the discussion. By involving the audience in the discussion, they are likely to be more captivatedby your film review, thus fetching you a high grade.
A film analysis follows a standard film analysis essay outline which starts with the introduction. Your introductory paragraph must include essential information about the film: release date, director’s name, genre, and title. You can also include the budget and the box office, the cast members, and the awards. In addition to the essential information, you must include a thesis in the introduction.



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